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Subject: Bijan Moghaddam


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About Bijan:

Bijan K. Moghaddam, an Iranian short story writer, died at the age of 59 in the early hours of October 27, 2008 from liver cancer in Los Angles.  Due to his attitude in keeping a low profile and hardly publishing his works, he is not a well-known writer yet. Nevertheless, prominent literary figures of Persian language in US consider him a very fine one, standing on the threshold of post-modernist satire narrating. Armed with a powerful imagination, mixing it with a dark humor, and loading the amalgam by political intonations that elevates to a blasphemous disregard of the patrimonial society, he has penned many short stories, mostly unpublished, that reserve a prominent place for him in the Persian literature of exile in not a so far future.

Born in 1948, he came from a humble rustic background, began to make short documentary films before the advent of Revolution of 1978, studied in a technical college in the UK, and began to publish his works from 1984 onwards. In 1993 he travelled to US for a short visit but, lingering around and forgetting about his visa, soon turned him into an illegal immigrant who was later granted asylum on the basis of his underlying political metaphors, not warmly welcomed in his homeland.

His second collection of short stories was to be out on the week he died. As though in a hurry not to miss the train, he did not wait to see and sign the book for his few fans. Nevertheless, he would be dearly remembered by his literary friends, as well as the public once his works are read on a wider scale.

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About his Foundation

Bijan Kargar Moghaddam Foundation (BKMF) was formed by Bijan's children  after their father's demise. They asked Dr. Esmail Nooriala to become its Director.

The Foundation was funded by allocation of a part of Bijan's inheritance by his children.

The aim is to keep Bijan's memory and works alive by encouraging others to participate in activities relevant to the Iranian cultural heritage and the establishment of a Secular state in Bijan's beloved country, Iran.